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Sunday, September 27, 2009

When life takes a turning...

I've absolutely been abandoning this blog of mine...been almost 1 year since i last posted. Call it procrastination, but facebook and twitter and msn has occupied most of my "online hours". But typing out the words as I speak, I miss it. Just expressing thoughts as it comes.

Today, I am baffled. But how, expectation can wander so far off course. It's dissapointing when you least expect that more generousity could be shown, but who am I to demand for such?

Anyway, here are some photos of a recent event, with my brand new gadget =) Tada to Siew Ching and Paul's thank you party for all the helpers. It turned out to be a mini CG makan, with all of the attendees from cell group. Maybe it was meant to be for CG? =)

Thanks Paul for cooking really yummylicious Sabah prawns and a very well marinated fish, which was succulent to the very last bone.
By the time he dished out 4 scoops of ice cream for each of us, we were so stuffed, that we ended up with a heart palpitating game of Jenga.

And lotsa posing by Baby Ashley, as you can see in the various photos - also with an infamous Mr Tomato Lim. Mr A has also been photographed, finally!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scrapbooking in Penang

Al and I printed some of our photos out from various trips we made: Singapore, Australia, Korea, China, Penang, Kuching...and these are some of the shots we liked most.

We did a scrapbook album. Al's pretty creative! I am....all flowers and buttons!


Monday, May 19, 2008

Time to Buy, April 19, 2008

For your reading benefit.
Or through website: Saturday April 19, 2008


Saturday April 19, 2008
Time to buy?

THE economic decoupling between the US and the rest of the world is becoming all the more glaring. That the US is slowing, but the rest of the world is growing is becoming increasingly apparent if one were to pay attention to the release of economic data.

Nonetheless, caution still drapes its sombre veil and following the herd mentality, the world continues to focus on the downside. With that, it's been a rocky road for financial markets with scorched investors sitting pretty on their dwindling cash holdings and the occasional write off by a large institution providing the almost mandatory amount of cardiac arrest for the market.

But are things really all that bad? China, despite the frightful winter weather and the global credit turmoil, posted a strong economic growth of 10.6% for the first quarter of 2008. This lends credence to the comforting notion that China will make up for the slack of the slowing US economy. That being the case, has the Malaysian market reached a bottom?

Some investing experts are beginning to believe so.
Mid-week, Citigroup's equity research unit shot out a note that the market is indeed bottoming out and therefore suggests, one start buying. Setting out a year-end index target of 1,449 points, its research head Choon Wai Kee, says a lot of bad news (such as the global equities meltdown and the general election results) is already in the price. “In an illiquid market like Malaysia, we urge investors to start positioning ... as the index can't fall much more,” the report added.

“Some local institutions are seeing their cash levels rising to over 20%. We see buying activities picking up imminently. The upcoming 2009 budget could stir buying interest as investors expect an expansionary budget to shore consumer confidence,” says Choong, adding that valuations wise, Malaysia is also trading at discounts relative to the region and its historical valuation benchmarks.
Crisis near end?

In a Bloomberg Television interview Thursday, Templeton's emerging market guru Mark Mobius says that the global credit-market crisis that has caused billions of dollars in losses at banks and brokerages worldwide is near the end.

Mobius says he has been buying shares of banks including Bank of China Ltd and Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd because their valuations have fallen.

“Most of the bad news is already in the market ... Malaysian equities are also becoming more and more attractive while the dollar is not going to revive anytime soon,” he says during the interview.
Mobius says energy stocks are his biggest investment because of rising oil prices.
“We like the general developments in Malaysia and the political debate that, hopefully, will result in a more vibrant economy,” says Mobius, in an email query to BizWeek.

Meanwhile, data released worldwide is relatively encouraging.
In the US, the latest March ISM (Institute for Supply Management) rose to 48.6 compared with February's reading of 48.3. This indicates that the manufacturing sector is still contracting but at a very gradual pace.
Capital Dynamics Asset Management managing director Tan Teng Boo says that for the overall economy to contract, the ISM index has plunge to the 41 - 42 level, which is not the case.
“So even as the global financial turbulence continued into the month of March, the world economy led by China, has continued expanding and benefiting the US economy. This trend is expected to persist throughout 2008,” says Tan.

“Exports from Korea jumped in March. Business sentiment in France and Germany in March had unexpectedly improved. West Germany's unemployment continued to fall, even as late as March.... Even the US, the mother of all sub primes, was able to generate decently reassuring economic numbers for March as evidenced by the ISM index,” he says.

“The biggest market is the global economy. The biggest market is still consuming and expanding. This is why exports from almost every country are growing. If the global economy is not expanding strongly, how can every country be reporting good exporting numbers even as late as February and March?” asks Tan.
More an internal issue

CMS Asset Management Sdn Bhd chief investment officer Scott Lim says Malaysia is now facing its own set of internal problems due to the uncertain political scenario.

“I don't see any breakthrough until a political decision is made. What I would watch out would be whether the regional markets get re-rated. Foreigners may consider Malaysia part of the region, and hence, we get pulled up along with the region.”

Lim says the aggressive monetary policy announced by the Federal Reserve in the US will take at least 6 months before effects start showing.

“I think the big money will be watching how the second quarter unfolds. If there are expectations that the economy has bottomed, then the market will run ahead of expectations. This will be an indication of a better third quarter.”
“If however the market doesn't bottom in the second quarter, we may see the true bottom in the second half,” says Lim.

Still adopting a cautious outlook is Alliance Investment Bank director and head of equity capital markets Sherilyn Foong. However, she says, strategy wise, long-term investors may want to accumulate quality high-yielding stocks such as the blue chips at reasonably lower entry prices.

She adds that Malaysia's unique comparative advantages include the oil & gas and plantation sectors, which can be viewed as both defensive yet blessed with growth attributes. She too agrees that Bursa Malaysia's present valuation levels are comparable to its regional peers.

“This type of volatile market that is characterised by shrinking volumes and heightened risk is not for the faint-hearted, short-term traders nor momentum players. In a bear market, stock-picking is key to out perform,” she says.

In Malaysia, Lim says it is more important to look at companies that are tied to global trends. As the global economy is more integrated than ever, whatever happens outside of Malaysia will eventually unfold domestically.

On this note, Lim says many construction stocks have bombed out.

“Companies like IJM Corp Bhd and Zelan Bhd have half their order books coming from the overseas market and are extremely well managed. I wouldn't look at Malaysian companies that rely only on the domestic market. Political risks have multiplied the risk of investing in these companies. Companies have to either play offensive or die as a defensive player,” says Lim.

Choong's strategy is to add beta and be less defensive. The high beta stocks would include SP Setia Bhd, KLCC Property Bhd and UEM World Bhd. Citigroup further reiterates its bullish view on SapuraCrest Bhd and TA Enterprise Bhd.

Schroders Head of Retail Sales Josephine Lip says that despite the challenging market environment, there can still be pockets of opportunities out there for eagle-eyed investors.

“An asset class that tends to do well in periods of rising inflation and uncertainty is commodities. Many commodities performed strongly when the sub-prime mortgage market woes were at their peak last year. As the period of heightened volatility is likely to extend over the near term, this strengthens the positive outlook on commodities,” she says.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Never give up!


God has been awesome, and I have to say that again! AWESOME!

I was really worried actually, when I left without a job, I was wondering - man, what am I going to do? But God has been good, and very faithful, so I am not complaining.

Best of all, I have got my own time to pursue the things I want to do, and I guess when you finally KILL and give it ALL to Him, then things start working out.

There are important lessons that I have picked up, primarily - don't complain. Where I am at now, and how hard I work will bring in the $$$. So, I can't complain really because it's just me, myself and I =) It's a better arrangement that way, I don't like to complain anyway.

On the other hand, good news for ballet is that, me and Narae and dancing together again! And Nim too! So, 3 adults in a class, is very motivating plus the teaching school we go to, is good. The principal teacher, Wendy is superbly encouraging.

I am glad I made a move from the previous ballet school, not going to mention it. Great teaching, and the school's standards are high, but really - not suitable for an adult as they are very exam focused, and they view adults as " tak ada chance". Was actually pretty discouraged there, and almost gave up.

I am not going to put too high hopes on sitting for the exam, as I don't want to disappoint myself again, but If I can, I will. There's a better option now, and I will elaborate more when I start off and do so for a couple more times =) But I start, this Saturday, at 9.30 am.

Meanwhile, I am happy doing Interfoundation & Grade 6. Grade 6 is so beautiful =)


OK...Some pictures of me and Narae in action previously. And the great thing is, Wendy say's Narae is a super strong dancer! I am really, really happy for her. It's great dancing with her again, because then I know the standard I should be achieving and I push myself towards that goal.

Nim's also been real encouraging, and I do wish that Nim, you'd be more constant k! You have perfect physique. Don't worry so much about the steps, just take double classes and you'd be great!


ballet pics 089ballet pics 102ballet pics 096ballet pics 090

That's us in the previous studio =) Narae is the one in the red skirt, and me in Blue. The other lady, is a newbie - so, doesn't count k. I think she did well for her first class!  

And Narae doing a ponche!


Pretty Pictures of Rabbits by Seng Chye

Last week, Friday morning was a perfect day for some outdoor shooting. Seng Chye, Poh Suan's cousin took some really pretty shots of the rabbits.


Mr Pink & Alvin - Simon & Family

I gave 4 of the rabbits away to good homes. Mr Pink & Alvin, both alpha males went to the homes of Simon and family, who lives in Setapak. Got to know them through, the email alerts that Aunt Janice helped me send out. Great family! The children, both in college, play with them before and after college, and the mum, feeds them and let's them run around in a cordoned off area of the garden! Wonderful! =) Sometimes, when we let go of the things we love most, I guess God will bless us even more!


Female Brownies 1 7 2 - Roshan, Slyvia & PIKJ church

And the two brown bunnies, I shall call them female brownie 1 & 2, went with Roshan and the PIKJ church in Kelana Jaya. I have a feeling these two bunnies are pregnant, which works out well for the church - since they want to have some bunnies for the kids to play with. Just checked with Slyvia, and the bunnies are not missing me! So it's a good thing...although, one of them have like missing fur (signs of pulling out fur means may be gestation period for the bunnies to give birth, or simply - infection!)


Three remains, with Chocomilk dead

Well, back to the remaining brood for me, which originally included 4 rabbits: Mummy, daddy, chocolate milk & jonathan, until....

Just a day before the photoshoot, mum killed chocolate milk, unintentionally. We left both chocomilk and jonathan out in the sun, with an umbrella actually, for them to run about in the cage, but then - the umbrella was blown away in a strong gust of wind,and choco milk died of heat/suns troke.

By the time I realised, jonathan was really panting for his life, and I had to quickly put him in an airconditioned room, plus, hydrate him with lots of water and glucose, and lots of prayer. Thank God he survived! I feel read bad about choco milk, sorry! But at least you are in rabbit heaven,  but you were quite naughty lar choco milk!


Photoshoot, beautiful!

Well, here are some really nice shots that Seng Chye put together, he compiled over 100 photos of the babies, so have a look! Now you know why I love them so much, though all they do is: shit, eat and sleep, and hump each other....I tell you, rabbits are the most horny creatures in the world! That's all they think about!

joni rabbit

That's Joni the rabbit, I am prettifying him, he's like an anggora dwarf rabbit

joni in garden flight of joni beee

 Joni, first time in the garden. He was a bit wary in the beginning, but wait till you see the next picture... Flight of the Joni Bee!


joni drink at chocomilk grave joni full screen

Joni somehow knew where Chocomilk was buried...he's paying respect....& Joni having some nice refreshing grass for a change!


me and daddy rabbit  mummy rabbit

Daddy (Left) & Mummy (Right)

Nowadays, both of them are pretty docile, don't get Mummy when she's pregnant though, she's real fierce.

black beauties

And the loving couple - with a very weird humping pattern

They can't be separated, if I do separate them - they will miss one another. When mummy is on heat though, she acts kinda weird, she starts humping daddy, when it's the male who is supposed to hump the female! I guess that's because daddy is sterile - we kind removed * ahem*


For more pretty pictures on the rabbits, these are just like a selected few, go here.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Home Office!


Its almost midnight now, I just finished setting up my little home office!

More updates soon! =)

Monday, March 10, 2008

When dreams become reality

These past two days have been history in the making. It will be down in the buku teks sejarah, at which for once-the opposition came out strong to take major states in the country. And for once, the opposition really counted for something.

I can't believe that each vote really counts. I always used to think that regardless, it's just one in the sea of millions. But can you believe what happens when you "believe" that your voice counts? Just that one vote can literally slay giants.

What's also interesting to note that it is not about the race this time around. It's about general, overall wellbeing of where Malaysia is headed. Perhaps, God has placed us here for a reason, for such a time as this? It's exciting, yet we are headed to an extent for unknown and uncharted waters.

I think there will be lots of mistakes made, but what's important is that we learn from the mistakes, and the leaders that are put into place, would be God fearing individuals who will be accountable for their actions to the One above, and also to those who have believed in them.

I don't know much about the person I voted, I saw her smile at me, and she did go to the same school I went to - but I do hope that she will believe in the big picture. That Malaysia can indeed be good - and we can do it all together, regardless of the colour scheme.

Most of all, let's continue to pray for Malaysia, the winds of change is here, let's pray for continuous wisdom, peace and understanding for the leaders, and the people.



Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Little Mercies Everywhere

When you're down, it's amazing how people and things pick you up.

I realise something, nobody wants to mix around with a moaner or a complainer.

I can be that, especially now since I am going to be in limbo.

Forging ahead, it's only natural to be uncertain, hesitant and to worry.

But worry won't add an ounce of good to what I am doing, where I am at - so I'll just have faith that things will work out.

I don't regret what I did - I'm so glad I took the leap of faith. If you think I am talking in rounds, ask me, email me. =) If I had stayed on, well - it would be a "whoosh" moment. Like, a whole year would pass me by and I would still be in the same situation - and that's not what I want.

Funny thing though.

My body really "gave up" on me when I finally said: "I QUIT"

I had three weeks of non-stop: flu, virus, diarheoa.

As if telling me - Jade, it's time for you to : rest.

And rest I did - I have never felt so sick in my life!

Plus, I just got to know, i have 79/150 amount of hemoglobin in my system.

Meaning, I have only 1/2 the amount of red blood in my system-compared to a normal person.That just means that - I need to carry a ready pack of "Blood A (positive)" if I am involved in an accident, cut my hand off or something.

Do they sell that in the supermarkets?

Haven't seen those hemoglobin packs though.


Till then, I think it's time for me to take a nice long bath. Love this painting that Al got for me, courtesy of a very talented artist-Ming

Alvin's birthday Bash 2007 (Landmark event)

I found this photo quite amusing.
If my bf wasn't straight, would this be his partner kinda pose?
Notice the hand around the waist =) OK. Just joking!

Just posting some photos up of Alvin's birthday cookout we had last year, October 5, 2007 @ The Cooking House, Sri Hartamas.

It's become quite a legend, especially on facebook.

This is certainly a belated post, with the superman cake being jointly made by my ma (butter cake, freshly baked by mum), and then decorated by FatBoy

And cheers to the people that came and supported =)

Super belated post.